Friday, July 1, 2011

June Minutes

Tree City Quilt Guild

June 13, 2011


Call to Order was by president, Mabel Stoker. She thanked the refreshment committee, Toni Phillips, Cassie Anderson and Lola Franks. Mabel read the quilters’ zodiac for Gemini and Dorothy Pearson announced June birthdays.

Secretary’s Report was available by mail or in the newsletter by email. It was approved as written. If you are not receiving it, please contact Barb Byler to arrange to get it through the postal service (you provide stamped envelopes) or email.

Jane Richardson read Treasurer’s Report. The current balance is $1,310.36. The treasury had been inflated due to all the money collected for the retreat from those attending, and the return of the $1,500 from Bridges of Hope, which was then sent to the 3 charities the members voted on. The retreat money has all been paid and the fabric for the top of the raffle quilt has been paid.

Old Business: We received a thank you and a check from the Wayne County Choral Union for the loan of quilts and items for their display.

Vicky Hartzler gave a report on the retreat. From the verbal feedback received, those attending appreciated the professional teachers and the samples and ideas they had to share, the convenience and comfort of the facility, the time together, and the truck show. In November 2010, the guild had voted to help with up to $2,210.00 for the retreat. The actual amount the guild paid was $1,500.978.

A survey was distributed asking for members input on future retreats. The committee wants members' input before proceeding with planning for any more retreats. The surveys will be available at the next meeting, the picnic, then collected and the information processed.

New Business: Information was shared about the Glencoe Quilt, which was discovered 15 miles from its home and carried by the Joplin tornados.

Roscoe Village will host a display of "unique quilts” until 8/7/11.

At the August meeting, there will be a speaker, Dr. Virginia Dunn, a professor of textiles at the University of Akron. She will speak about preserving and storing quilts. She is in charge of preserving the vintage textile items at the Wayne County Historical Society.

Trips and Workshops:

Laura Nolletti will give a lecture/demo on designing Kaleidoscope quilts on June 28 from 7 to 9pm. The cost is $3.00 for members and $5.00 for non-members. She will discuss 2 types of designs, the Paula Nadelstern with more math and the Ricky Timms, which is easier but not as detailed. Take a 12-inch quilt ruler and a pencil. It will be at the Parkview church.

Committee Reports:

Picnic Committee: The July meeting will be at the Church of God on Rt. 585 at 6pm. Please bring table service, a covered dish and a table runner for the challenge.

Community Service: Ruth Bishop thanked all who helped with the knotting at MCC. MCC received patterns and some fat quarters from Hearthside quilt shop, which has gone out of business.

Program: What's in the Middle? was presented by Sarah Bisline and Jeri Fickes. Sarah had lots of samples of batting to pass around and discuss. Jeri Fickes showed the 'board basting' technique. You had to be there!

Show and Tell, Member introductions, and Refreshments.

Submitted by

Vicky Hartzler

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