Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Message from our President

For your consideration-
It has been suggested that we plan a quilt retreat on the opposite years of our quilt shows. This could be the type of retreat where you go somewhere and stay (overnight) or just “commute.” One or two teachers could be brought in to do presentations and/or workshops. A committee could be appointed to explore whether we have enough interest to pursue planning this type of event and proceed from there. Of course, we could invite others to join us. The guild has funds that we could use to partially fund an event like this.

Another suggestion has been made and that is that we use the funds from our raffle quilt sales to further the purpose of our guild. “The purpose of this organization shall be to create, stimulate, and maintain an interest in all matters pertaining to the making of quilts and to establish and promote educational endeavors through quilts.” In the recent past and this year, the guild has voted to donate much of the raffle sales funds to causes such as Ida Sue School (where we hold our quilt show), Viola Startzman Clinic, food banks, etc. Please give this some thought for the next time we have a raffle quilt or other funds available for our use.

While you are thinking about that, a third idea has come up- shall we make and sell a raffle quilt every year? We do not necessarily have to have a show- just a date- to draw the winner. One way would be to have a committee to make the quilt and another to “sell” it- with the help of the entire guild, of course. The committee could involve more guild members by making blocks if desired.

These ideas will be discussed in future meetings. We probably won’t tackle them all at once. Please give each of these suggestions some thought as to whether we as a guild want to implement them and how you personally might be involved.

Thank you.
Laura Nolletti, President

July Newsletter

Meeting: July 12, 2010 6:00 PM
First Church of God
1953 Akron Road
Sorry I’m soooo late! Just a very hectic month and I just plain forgot!

Everyone is to bring your own place setting. The committee will supply beverages and cups. We have lots of games planned…
• bring a fat quarter and your best throwing arm
• your paint chip challenge project AND the paint chips. Put the chips in an envelope and write the name of the person it goes to on the outside.
• 25 buttons or something to mark the bingo game board
• FOOD! to share…what ever makes your mouth water.

As everyone knows (or should be aware..) TCQ is a member of the North East Ohio Regional Quilt Council. Meetings are open to anyone in the quild. Meetings are held quarterly with the location changing each time. Various guilds volunteer to host the meetings …….would you, as a guild, be interested? We would be considering either the March or June meeting in the year 2011. The guild receives $250.00 to assist with the cost. We would be responsible to locate a venue, host a light breakfast, declare some sort of lunch plan be it brown bag, pot luck, or catered and receive around 100 guests to

Check it out! This year’s mystery quilt can be found on the website along with the 2010 categories for the quilt show. If there are any suggestions regarding what to post, please see Laura and Mary Lou.

If you have so much fabric to use, you will miss out when there are new fabric patterns to try. To use your stash, don’t plan one fabric as your “starter.” Grab randomly from your stash and use 2 – 3 each time.

TCQ 2010 QUILT SHOW: “Rainbow of Quilts”
Ida Sue School
Friday, August 13: 10am – 7pm
Saturday, August 14: 10am – 4pm
$3.00 admission fee
Your quilt entry forms are due at the July meeting.

Please bring your sold raffle ticket money or your left over raffle tickets to the July picnic meeting.

The Wayne County Fair is fast approaching! Tree City (in the guise of Mabel Stocker) has asked for 2 demonstration times during the week. Each time slot will be one and one half hour long (1 ½). Mabel would like 3, 30 minute demonstrations for each of the time slots. PLEASE consider giving a demonstration at the Fair…it is fun and does not have to be anything complicated. Let Mabel know if you have an idea or know that you would like to volunteer. This is such a great opportunity to promote the guild and the art of quilting.

Sarah Bistline sent this address for everyone to check out. Very interesting!

2-4 large (beefsteak are best!) tomatoes quartered, then halved
1 can chickpeas rinsed and drained
Chopped basil
olive oil
1/4 c. crumbled Feta cheese
Mix tomatoes, chickpeas and basil. Drizzle with olive oil. Mix in feta cheese. Also good with artichokes and/or spinach.

QWM: Quilting with Machines: September 22 – 25;
2010 Ohio Amish Country Quilt Shop Hop: November 3 – 6

Presented by the Western Reserve Quilters
Saturday, July 10, 2010 from 9 am – 4 pm at the Elmwood recreation Center in Independence Ohio
FREE Admission; Bake Sale and Refreshments.
Tables are available for $15 (Quilting and Crafting items only)
Contact Lucille Seskes; 330-666-2098
For more information, contact Monica Massinyi; 330-467-4948, Ruth Albright; 330-923-8686 or Joyce Wiley; 440-526-9447

Quilting by the Mill, Sarah Bistline, 10368 Old Mill RD, Spencer, Ohio 44275, 330-667-2257 or 330-606-6609, You need to have your backing 4" longer and wider than your quilt top. Batting available. Do you want to quilt your own quilt top? Ask me about renting time on the Gamill premier.

Tree City Quilters Guild Officers 2010
President: Laura Noletti
Vice President: Mabel Stocker
Secretary: Jane Richardson
Treasurer: Bonnie Krueger
Members at Large: Jolene Rehm and Danette Ferriman
Newsletter: Barbara Byler:

Minutes of June Meeting

Minutes of June 14,2010

President Laura Nolletti welcomed everyone to tonight's meeting. She thanked the refreshment committee of Jeri Fickes, Jolene Rehn; and Betty Boreman.

Announcement was made that Lynn Drumm is now home; so please send all cards to her at her home address/

Mary Lou Nuzum gave us her story about going to a Ricky Tims Seminar April 29, 30 and May 1. All 3 days were lectures and she highly recommended the seminar.

The July Picnic is 6 p.m. at the Church of God on Akron Rd or Route 585. Bring a fat quarter, paint chip game, a dish to pass and taqble service.

The Stash Attack projects were shown. The Christmas Committee needs 1 or 2 more ladies - Janet McFarland and Vicky Hartzler volunteered.

The August Show - Sally handed out sheets for show work days and papers to put on each quilt. The master show list from each girl should be turned in at the July meeting. Dorothy Pearson subbed for Mabel with show tickets.

Laura asked the nominating committee of Jane Richardson and Donna Williams to get busy - Need V.P., treas, 2 members at large.

Sarah Bistline reported on NEROCQ.

Nancy Danby presented the evenings program on Fabric Origami. Many members brought in fabric to try this out.

The block swap was completed with the following getting a mixture of the blocks brought in- Effie and Betty H; Betty Boreman, Jane Richardson and 2 others- can't remember who.......(memory is slipping)

Evening ended with Show and Tell.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Richardson, Secretary