Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Minutes

Tree City Quilt Guild
April 11, 2011


Call to Order by president, Mabel Stoker. She thanked the refreshment committee of Vicky Hartzler and Mary Green. A guest, Linda Miller, was also the speaker for the evening.

Birthdays were announced by Dorothy Pearson, Sunshine committee. Mabel read the quilters horoscope for Aries.

Secretary’s report as included in the newsletter, and available at the meeting. It was approved as written.

Treasurer’s report was read by Jeri Fickes. There is a balance of $7,163.93 due to the payment for the retreat. It will be reduced as the bills are paid. Also see old business.

Old business “I Spy” blocks were swapped by those who brought blocks.

The sign up sheets for making the first baby boy and girl of 2012 will be distributed in May. Think about whether you would like to volunteer.

Due to factors such as economic slowdown and lack of local employment opportunities, the local Bridges of Hope was not able to help as many families as initially hoped, and closed in February, 2011. They have returned the $1,500 the guild had donated to them. This amount is included in the treasurer’s report. A sheet was passed around to list charities the members would be interested in donating the money to. It will be voted on at the May meeting.

New Business Bids were taken for the file cabinet, and it has a new home.

The community Choral concert will be on May 14 at the Wooster High school. They will also have work from local artists there, including quilters. Some of the members have volunteered to donate, and to help watch the display during the event.

On May 9th, the guild program will be a panel on quilting with Effie Troyer talking about hand quilting, Laura Noletti on home machine quilting, Sarah Bistline on long arm quilting, and Ruth Bishop on knotting.

Committee reports
Picnic committee reminded members to make the table runner for the challenge, to bring your own place setting, and a covered dish.

Volunteer work—quilt knotting will be done at MCC on April 13th from 9:15 to 2 or 3pm, or as long as people want to stay. There will be beef vegetable soup supplied for lunch.

Workshops and trips. The retreat starts April 29th. There are 20 people signed up, and more are welcome. Mary Lou gave info on the classes. All members are invited to attend the lecture at 7pm on Saturday, April 30 for free. If you also want dinner, it costs $22.00. Please let Mary Lou, Vicky or Janice know if you are coming, so the correct number of chairs can be prepared for the lecture and/or dinner.

The quilt show, 2012 chair person will be Sarah Bistline.

Program was by Linda Miller, long arm quilter, and judge. She was the judge for our show in August, 2010, and gave information about the things judges look for, as well as the things they can and cannot say about the quilts during judging.


Respectfully submitted,
Vicky Hartzler

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