Monday, February 7, 2011

Minutes of January Meeting

Tree City Quilt Guild

January 10, 2011


Call to order by president, Mabel Stocker. She thanked the refreshment committee members, Sally Kitchen, Ruth Bishop and Donna Williams. Tanya Wellert was thanked for completing the membership booklets. If there are any changes or corrections, let Jane Richardson know in writing. A guest, Carolyn Curtis was introduced. January birthdays were announced.

Business: Vicky Hartzler, secretary, read the minutes of the December meeting. Jane Richardson, treasurer announced the balance of $2,431.34. Any members who hadn’t paid were encouraged to do so.

Committee Reports:

A committee has been formed to complete the raffle quilt for the 2012 quilt show. Members are Betty Boreman, Jane Richardson, Bev Haven, Gwen Hoover, Janet McFarland, and Barb Nemuth. Mabel is looking for a chair for the quilt show committee. Let her know if you would do it.

Retreat committee, Janice Miller, announced that the retreat is now open to non-members starting today. There are openings in both classes. The pattern is available for Nelly’s class and instructions are available for the one you sign up for.

Sarah Biseline announced that we will be hosting the Saturday NEROC meeting in March from 10 to 1pm. We furnish coffee and danish, door prizes, and raffle baskets if we want to sell tickets. We provide a pot luck lunch, and the participants pay for it. Please contact Sarah if you would like to help with this.

Mary Lou Nuzum discussed the trips and workshops committee. There will be 3 workshops and one trip. These will be offered at different times. Mary Lou passed out slips with ideas to vote for your choices.

Motto Mabel discussed this year's motto "Everything old is new again" The idea is to pull out UFO's and projects that were put away and bring them in to show the group for ideas and input about finishing. This could provide the encouragement needed to finish projects.

Meet the Members Members were asked to introduce them selves and to tell things about them. This will be completed next month.

Show and Tell Wonderful!!

Respectfully Submitted,
Vicky Hartzler

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