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April Newsletter and March Minutes

The purpose of this organization shall be to create, stimulate, and maintain an interest in all matters pertaining to the making of quilts and to establish and promote educational endeavors through quilts
Meeting: April 13, 2015, 7:00 pm
                                      Parkview Church of Christ
1912 Burbank Road
Wooster, OH 44691
APRIL MEETING: The Giving Doll
Our speaker in April is Jan from The Giving Doll.  This organization would be a GREAT recipient of some donations.  If you have quilt weight fabric fat ¼ size or larger, lace trims, elastic, or Velcro, The Giving Doll could use them!  Please bring them with you to the meeting.  Thank you!  
Brenda and Joy Troyer will be selling fabric to our guild members before the meeting and after our program.  This is top quality quilting fabric.  I believe the prices will be around $5 or $6 per yard and $1 to $1.50 per fat quarter.   These ladies are no longer able to continue with quilting and are trying to get rid of their stash.  They will also be contributing to our speaker, “The Giving Doll.”  Please bring cash and checks with you to the meeting!  
Take your pick!  National Serger month, National Volunteer month, and National Garden month!  
If you have something to Show, could you please lay it out on the bench or on a table when you arrive?  Use the tables closest to the kitchen or along the edges of the room.  Everyone can socialize and meet each other while you have the opportunity to get really good looks at our accomplishments and answer questions from other members.  We will still have a normal Show N Tell portion of the meeting!  You will just grab your project off the table or bench before coming to the front of the room.    Please remember to state your name loudly and clearly when showing your projects.  
March attendance: 54 people were at the meeting; 4 guests and 50 members.  
Please make a correction to Janet Zahorsky’s email address; it should be
The new membership booklets are at the Hospitality table for you to pick up:  Reminder that you are responsible for your own cover.  
New Members; please check the hospitality table as you arrive and sign up for the different committees.  
There are still some open spaces for refreshments; September and October are both in need of a third person.  
Thank you to Becky Hamilton, Vicky Hartzler, and Bonnie Krueger for providing us refreshments this month!  
The Picnic committee has announce the theme for this year’s picnic as “Christmas in July!”  
Jane Richardson is leading everyone through a Mystery Quilt.  First and second pieces of the puzzle have been distributed.  It is still not too late for you to join all the other sleuths in solving this quilt puzzle!  See Jane and she will give you the first step.  For those of you new to mystery quilts:  one step at a time is given to you.  You do not know what the pattern is or what it will look like until you complete each step!  Jane is asking that the tops be pieced by the September meeting.  We will have a show-n-tell for the quilts with the membership voting on their Viewer’s Choices.  Jane thinks the 1st place prize will be $50!  Lesser amounts for 2nd and 3rd.  Contact Jane at the meeting if you want to be involved in this fun style of piecing a top.
We have a member trying to make a decision regarding different sewing machines.  We can help her with this by answering a few questions about our machines.  Please help her!  Jot down what make and model you use, what you like and don’t like about it.  What are features you wish you had?  Anything else?  What’s your dream machine?  Please give your notes to Bev Fash at the next meeting!  Or, email her your answers.  
We now have a membership of 70 and we gain new members each meeting.  While this is a good thing we are growing so quickly that there are people we don’t know.  Surveys, or short questionnaires are being distributed at meetings and online to everyone.  Please…..fill them out (I do need to know who the information is from) but do not talk about the information shared.  Each month we are going to share this information with everyone and it will be up to you to discover “Who Is This.”  Turn in your guesses to Barb and the first correct answer will receive a small prize.  Descriptions will be shared in the newsletters…..revealing “Who This Is” will be at the meetings!  You can text, call, or email your guesses to Barb.  Good Luck!!
This month 2 members will be featured.  You must guess both names correctly!!
1.      I was born right here in Wooster, Ohio but have traveled to the 48 lower states plus Alaska!  I have also made 3 trips to Europe.  Besides quilting, I love flower gardening and fishing.  I was the bookkeeper when we owned our own business.  
2.      I was born in Phoenix, Arizona.  I know how to get to Fredericksburg, VA without having to use a map!  Besides quilting I also spin and knit.  I won a 2nd place at a fiddle contest and I can claim Benedict Arnold in my family tree.    
Who Is This?  Send your answers to Barb!! 
March Mystery Members were #1; Dot Anderson and #2; Carol Remington; Everyone was stumped by these ladies!  Better guessing this month!
2015 QUILTY CHALLENGE: “Learn and Grow”
Distributed at the January meeting was the 2015 Quilty Challenge.  Inside there is a list of all sorts of things related to quilting.   The idea is for you to circle everything on the list that you have done before.  Now, search through the list and see what you have not tried.  The Challenge: make 1 project from start to finish within this year.  There are no size restrictions however, you must incorporate 3 new skills/techniques/colors/whatever and be able to tell us what these are.  Or, make 3 projects with 1 new “something” in each.  Pick up your Quilty Challenge list at the Hospitality table.  Happy Sewing!
Peggy Hodge is looking for someone to share a room at the Hilton Garden Inn during the retreat.  If you are interested in splitting the cost of the room, please give Peggy a call: 330-263-0076
Is there someone willing to assist Mabel with room clean up after the April Meeting?  Also; May, October and December still need a couple volunteers.  
May: Vicky Hartzler
JUNE: Kevin Horst, Ellen Horst
AUGUST: Denise Mohler and Toni Phillips
SEPTEMBER: Shirley Rodgers and Jane Richardson
Out of consideration for fellow quilt members; some new and learning, some of us forgetful!, please wear your name badge to meetings.  Or, fill out a temporary name badge at the hospitality table.  Thank you!  
Quilts or comforters for babies, toddlers, young children and teens are needed in our community.  Sizes could be 40 X 40 for babies, 50 X 56 for toddlers, 68 X 89 for children and teens, lap robes 56 X 70.  Please use your judgment; all sizes are welcome!  Ruth Bishop will collect these quilts from us all year.  
The Handwork workshop will meet April 10, from 9 – 11:50.  Please bring a snack and your handwork.  Prepare for great fun!  Reminder: if the schools are closed there is no workshop.  Guests are welcome.  Call Sally Kitchen if you have any questions.  
Vanishing Hourglass Workshop:  This Saturday, March 28 from 10 to 3:30.  Doors will open at 9:30 for set up.  Bring a lunch for yourself and a snack to share.  Contact Sally Kitchen or Jane Richardson with questions.  
Buffalo Chicken Ziti (adapted from Rachael Ray)
1/3 cup Frank’s Hot Sauce
2 T olive oil
1 ½ T white vinegar
12 oz. Ziti pasta, cooked al dente and drained reserving 1 ½ cups cooking water
8 oz. cream cheese
1 ½ cups crumbled blue cheese
4 ribs celery sliced thin
2 cups diced/shredded cooked chicken
Mix together first 3 ingredients in medium bowl and set aside.  After pasta has been drained, return the pasta to the warm pot, add the pasta water, cream cheese, blue cheese and celery over medium-low heat; stirring until smooth.  Gently stir in the chicken and serve with hot-sauce mixture.  Perfect with a crisp green salad or veggie tray.  
1 - 16oz bag frozen hash browns, thawed
1 chopped onion
8 slices bacon, fried crisp and crumbled
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 can shoe peg corn (undrained)
1 can cream-style corn
1 can roasted garlic flavored chicken broth
1 ½ cups milk (whole or skim)
Place all ingredients in slow cooker. Stir gently.
Cook on low 6-8 hrs. Serve with sour cream or shredded cheese.
Please see Becky Hamilton if you wish to use the guild’s AccuCut.  
Quilting by the Mill, Sarah Bistline 10368 Old Mill Road, Spencer, Ohio 44275; 330-667-2257 or 330-606-6609.  You need to have your backing 4” longer and wider than your top.  Batting is available.  Do you want to quilt your own top?  Ask me about renting time on the Gamill Premier.  
Spoke N Stitch, Kim Panter; 16780 Burkhart Road, Orrville, Ohio 44667.  I am willing to pick up and deliver in the Wayne/Holmes area. Phone number; 330-682-0711 (home) and 330-601-6096 (cell) I have my cell with me all the time. Please give me a call! 
ThreeB’s Memory Quilts, Barb Byler; 239 Jane Drive, Smithville, Ohio 44677.  I design and sew your t-shirts (sweatshirts, button-downs, etc.) into quilts.  Photographs can also be added. or 
Tree City Quilters’ Guild; Officers 2015
President: Barb Byler  Vice President; Sally Kitchen
Secretary; Kim Panter    Treasurer; Dot Anderson
Members at Large; Jane Richardson and Tonya Wellert
 WHO IS THIS?: If you would kindly fill out this sheet and hand it or email it to Barb, it would be greatly appreciated!  Tell us about yourself…with a little paragraph or a listing of facts.  Please DO NOT show or share this information with anyone.  The following list is a few prompts for to get you started.  Feel free to add more!  
Born where
Lived in different places:
Do or did for a living:
Special talents:
Someone “famous” in your family tree?
Like what about quilting?
March 9, 2015
Barb brought the meeting to order at 7:00PM by welcoming our guests. we had 4 this evening.
They were Gloria Cantleberry, Sue Fleming, Karen Fleming and Peggy Garnse. Lola Franks
made a motion that the minutes from the February meeting be accepted. Janet McFarland
seconded. and the minutes were approved.
Barb then told us that there was a correction to the contact information for new member Janet
Zahorsky. Her email address should be
Tonight we started a new way of doing our show and tell. When we come in we lay out our s & t
on the tables at the back so that they can be perused before the meeting then when the time
comes, they are picked up and shown as before. Everyone seems to like this.
The "Who is this" this month was Dot Anderson and Carol Remington. No one guessed both.
Jane Richardson shared her favorite tool which is a seam ripper. We all use them. (Its not MY
favorite but necessary) Barb shared a new favorite that she found recently, a finger light! It is a
small light that straps to her finger with two sided velcro. Seams very handy!
Barb told us about her experience at the NEORQC meeting. The speaker talked about his replica
Civil War Quilts.
No report from the Sunshine Committee.
Community Projects asked for volunteers to make the first baby boy/girl quilts for 2016. Lola
Franks will be making the girl quilt and Mary Green will be making the boy quilt. There was
some discussion about expanding this project to the Orrville hospital. Follow up next meeting.
Workshops- The Hand appliqué class has been postponed until summer so that the Summer
Solstice class can have a day to get their quilt pieces cut for the retreat. The Vanishing Hour
Glass Class is now going to be on 3/28 from 9:30-3:30. Sally sends an email out a few days
before the handwork group to remind all about it, if you do not want this email or if you do and
are not getting it, let her know. Next Handwork Group meeting 4/10 9:00-11:50 in the Fireside
Room. Jane passed out the next set of instructions for the Mystery quilt.
July Picnic- Shirley announced the theme for the July picnic. "Christmas in July" More to follow.
Time Drake the gave a very informative talk on things we can do to maintain our machines and
keep them singing.
Refreshments were provided by Nancy Danby, Judy Mallonn, Gwen Alaura Hoover.
Respectfully submitted by
Kim Panter, secretary.

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