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February Newsletter and January Minutes

Tree City Quilters’ Guild
The purpose of this organization shall be to create, stimulate, and maintain an interest in all matters pertaining to the making of quilts and to establish and promote educational endeavors through quilts
Meeting: February 9, 2015, 7:00 pm
                                      Parkview Church of Christ
1912 Burbank Road
Wooster, OH 44691
FEBRUARY MEETING: BUTTONS with Susan Chisnell-Spires
Our speaker for the February meeting is a local lady that many of you may know.  Susan collects buttons and is currently President of the Buckeye State Button Society.  She will be sharing some history of buttons as well as parts of her collections.  Have you used buttons in a creative way?  Have you embellished a quilt with buttons?  Please bring these items with you for show-n-tell!  
What else but CHOCOLATE?!  
Our speaker in April would be a GREAT recipient of some donations.  If you have quilt weight fabric fat ¼ size or larger, lace trims, elastic, or Velcro, The Giving Doll could use them!  Bring them anytime and we will collect the items.  Thank you!  
Thank you to Betty Boreman, Ruth Bishop, and Sue Jusli for providing us refreshments this month!  
January attendance: 35 people were at the meeting; 4 guests and 31 members.  However, THREE ladies joined that evening!!  Please welcome our newest members.  Don’t forget to add new member emails to your computer contact list and write them into your membership booklets. 
Kim Linderman                       Mary Schultz                           Pat Gray
16740 Burkhart Road              Box 333                                   14332 Overton Road
Orrville, OH  44667                Creston, OH  44217                West Salem, OH  44287
Cell: 330-310-3312                 Hm; 330-435-4074                  Hm; 330-624-0312
                                                                                                Cell; 419-651-1052           
August 18                                October 24                              October 4                                
The new booklets are at the Hospitality table for you to pick up:  Reminder that you are responsible for your own cover.  
Naomi Lance’s birthday is April 13…not 3 as is listed.  
Sue Jusli became a member in 2004
August Program: Speaker: Chris Kendle form the Tuscarawas County Extension office speaking on their Quilt Square Trail.  
We now have a membership of 66 and we gain new members each meeting.  While this is a good thing we are growing so quickly that there are people we don’t know.  Surveys, or short questionnaires are being distributed at meetings and online to everyone.  Please…..fill them out but do not talk about the information shared.  Each month we are going to share this information with everyone and it will be up to you to discover “Who Is This.”  Turn in your guesses to Barb and the first correct answer will receive a small prize.  Descriptions will be shared in the newsletters…..revealing “Who This Is” will be at the meetings!  You can text, call, or email your guesses to Barb.  Good Luck!!
February “Mystery Member”
Our member was born in Elyria, Ohio and has served in the United States Army receiving a medal of Commendation.  This descendant of President Taft was an air traffic controller and has lived outside of the States as well as vacationed in Aruba, Cozumel, and Cancun.  Maybe you have heard this person as they love to sing!  Lastly, this person loves to create and give away quilts to see the reactions of the receiver.  
Who Is This?  Send your answer to Barb!! 
2015 QUILTY CHALLENGE: “Learn and Grow”
Distributed at the January meeting was the 2015 Quilty Challenge.  Inside there is a list of all sorts of things related to quilting.   The idea is for you to circle everything on the list that you have done before.  Now, search through the list and see what you have not tried.  The Challenge: make 1 project from start to finish within this year.  There are no size restrictions however, you must incorporate 3 new skills/techniques/colors/whatever and be able to tell us what these are.  Pick up your Quilty Challenge list at the Hospitality table.  Happy Sewing!
Peggy Hodge is looking for someone to share a room at the Hilton Garden Inn during the retreat.  If you are interested in splitting the cost of the room, please give Peggy a call: 330-263-0076
Some of our members are trying to make decisions regarding sewing machines.  They would like to know what sewing machines we sew with, why we like them or why we don’t, and even if we like them, what would you like on your machine that you don’t currently have.  And, would you buy the same thing or do you have a machine in mind that you would buy?  There will be a paper survey/questionnaire at the February Hospitality table for you to pick up and fill out.   Please help your fellow members make informed decisions!  Turn them back in at the Hospitality Table when they are completed.  This should only take a few minutes so please help your fellow members make informed decisions!   
A new committee has been added to our list.  The church has requested that we (as well as any other group that meets in their rooms) either pay a fee for a custodian or do our own clean up.  Tthis is not a new procedure from the church….we just didn’t know about it in past year!) We opted to do our own as the church custodian charges $50 per cleaning!  This includes taking out our trash (now a part of the Refreshment Committee duties) and sweeping the floor and straightening the tables and chairs.  Sally Kitchen volunteered to do this every meeting and we passed around a sign up for people to assist.  
FEBRUARY: Bev Fash and Mary Mahoney                  JUNE: Kevin Horst, Ellen Horst
MARCH; Ruth Bishop and Gwen Alaura Hoover        AUGUST: Denise Mohler and Toni Phillips
APRIL: Mabel Stocker                                                 SEPTEMBER: Shirley Rodgers and Jane Richardson
MAY: Vicky Hartzler                                                    
October, November, and December are open.  Please take a turn!  The sign-up sheet is at the Hospitality Table when you arrive.  Thank you for your generous support!!
Years ago, when you didn’t wear your name badge to a meeting, you were fined .25 or .50 (can’t remember!)  That money went to the Christmas Party budget.  A request was made at the meeting in January that this practice be reinstated.  There were members that disagreed.  Lively discussion followed for a few minutes with points being made that new members need to see names in order to learn who people are as well as vice versa, the fines are ridicules, remembering to bring the name badge is a pain, etc.  There will be a vote taken at the February meeting regarding this issue.
Things to consider:      the budget has already been adjusted for the Christmas Party
Name badges could be kept in a box by Hospitality and members pick them up at the beginning of each meeting and return them at the end
                                    A lot of work is done to make sure all members have a name badge
                                    We do need to learn names
What do you think?  Be ready for a SHORT discussion and vote at the February meeting.  
The Handwork workshop will meet February 6 from 9 – 11:50.  Please bring a snack and your handwork.  Prepare for great fun!  Reminder: if the schools are closed there is no workshop.  Guests are welcome.  Call Sally Kitchen if you have any questions.
VANISHING HOURGLASS:  Saturday, February 21 between 10 and 3:30 in the church Fireside Room.    Jane Richardson will be teaching.  The number that are interested in joining will determine the number of copies Jane makes; thus determining the cost to you.  Please sign up at the Hospitality Table in February.   
If you are a person that knits or crochets, you know that very often projects are “blocked” to make sure they are flat and perfectly shaped.  Ever notice how straight and flat the ribbon winning quilts hang in a show?  Quilters are now blocking their quilts, too.  Carol Loessel had a very nice article in the Fall 2014 Quilting Quarterly magazine.   It is absolutely essential that a wall quilt hang straight and flat.  
Calculating your backing fabric by Kim Pantor
When I am calculating how much fabric I need to make the back for a quilt I measure across the width of the quilt, add 8 and then multiply by 2. That will give you the number of inches of fabric you need to make the back for a quilt up to 80 inches long. This is a good way to figure for smaller quilts. It saves you allot of fabric rather than buying two strips of the length. To construct the back match the selvages right sides together, sew about a 1 to 1 ¼ inch seam.  When you are done, clip just inside the selvage and tear that away. Press the seam open. This makes a beautiful back. 
IF you have never visited the annual quilt show at Lake Farmpark, you are missing out!  Yes, it is a bit of a drive but well worth the visit.  They also offer great workshops and classes and lectures.  This year the featured artist is ReNae Merrill author of Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts and also Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts.  There are 2 evening trunk show/talks; Saturday, February 21 with Sue Wilson, a certified Judy Niemeyer instructor and March 7 at 7:30 pm with ReNae Merrill and Saturday.  Both evenings are $12.00.  
Beefy Mexican Soup by Naomi Lance
1 pound ground beef
½ cup onion, chopped
¼ cup green pepper, chopped
1 package hamburger helper, tomato macaroni
5 cups water
16 oz. can whole tomatoes
1 teaspoon chili powder
½ teaspoon garlic salt
¼ teaspoon salt
1  8 oz. can corn
Cook ground beef, onion, and peppers until done, drain grease.  Stir in sauce mix from hamburger helper and can of tomatoes, and water.  Heat to boiling, add spices.  Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 10 minutes.  Add COOKED macaroni and corn with liquid.  Cook 10 minutes longer.  Serve with corn ships.   
Chocolate Cherry Cake by Edna Chapman
1 package Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix
2 eggs
1 teaspoon almond extract
1  21 oz. can cherry pie filling
1 cup sugar
5 tablespoons butter
1/3 cup milk
1 6  oz. bag chocolate chips
Mix together cake mix, eggs, almond extract and pie filling.  Pour into a 9 X 13 pan and bake at 350 for 25 – 30 minutes.  Combine in pan; sugar, butter, and milk.  Boil for 1 minute stirring constantly.  Remove from heat.  Stir in chocolate chips.  Let cake get half cool and pour frosting over cake.  
Quilting by the Mill, Sarah Bistline 10368 Old Mill Road, Spencer, Ohio 44275; 330-667-2257 or 330-606-6609.  You need to have your backing 4” longer and wider than your top.  Batting is available.  Do you want to quilt your own top?  Ask me about renting time on the Gamill Premier.  
Handcrafted by JR, Jim Rawdon; 840 Harrison Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44314.  Long arm quilting, machine embroidery.  See my site on face book “Quilting by JR” Call 330-472-0473 or email
Spoke N Stitch, Kim Panter; 16780 Burkhart Road, Orrville, Ohio 44667.  I am willing to pick up and deliver in the Wayne/Holmes area. Phone number; 330-682-0711 (home) and 330-601-6096 (cell) I have my cell with me all the time. Please give me a call!
Tree City Quilters’ Guild; Officers 2015
President: Barb Byler  Vice President; Sally Kitchen
Secretary; Kim Panter    Treasurer; Dot Anderson
Members at Large; Jane Richardson and Tonya Wellert
January minutes:
Barb opened the meeting at 7 with introductions of guests and new members. We then
talked about what we would do in case of inclement weather. It was decided if we did cancel the
meeting the 9 members without email would be called and all others would receive and email.
We also contact WQKT and have our cancellation announced.
Sarah Bisline made new membership cards for everyone and they are being passed out at
tonight’s meeting. We all also received our new membership “booklets”. Barb decided to just
have that pages printed and have us provide our own binders. She asked that we all check our
own listing for errors.
She then asked for people to check the refreshment list and try to fill in where there are missing
Barb then brought to our attention that we have obligations to this room. We must vacuum,
sweep the floors and put the chairs back in order. If we use items in the kitchen we must make
sure that is clean when we are through with it. We should try to use only 1 trash can because
we are obligated to take out the trash when we leave. We have our own box of paper supplies.
Bev Fash will be re-stocking it next month, after that please check it the month before you have
A motion was made by Janet McFarland to donate $150.00 to the Church. Kevin Horst
seconded the motion. It was then put to a vote and it passed.
Because you are a member of TCQ that makes you a member or NEORQ. Barb urges you to
try and attend one of their meetings this year.
Barb read a thank you note we received from the Women’s Pavilion for the first baby boy and
baby girl quilts.
Barb then presented us with her challenge for the year. She calls it the “Quilty Challenge” She is
urging us to try 3 new things this year on one project. She gave us a list of techniques, fabrics,
patterns, finishings….etc. Her theme for the year is “Learn and Grow” Your Project can be any
There was nothing to report from either the Sunshine Committee or the Hospitality Committee.
Laura and Jeri will be holding the first quilt show meeting at Mary Lou’s house on February 16
and 7:00PM
Trips and Workshops
Please submit for suggestions or if you would like to volunteer to teach etc . Jane Richardson
is going to teach a quilt called “Vanishing Hour Glass” on February 21 at 10:AM in the Fireside
Handwork Group will continue to meet on the first Friday of the month. The next meeting will be
February 6th at 9:00 AM. All are welcome to attend. Just remember it is hand work only, no
machines allowed.
Kim asked for names of those wanting TCQ name tags. She also brought up reinstating the
fines for not wearing your name badge. Brought up a heated debate. It will be brought to a vote at
the next meeting.
Our newsletter goes out once a month. If you have something you would like to put in the
newsletter send it to Barb and it will be included.
Treasurer reports that we had a beginning balance of $6600.11, income of $629.50, expenses
of $49.13 and our present balance is $7180.48
We then had Show and Tell.
Our program this evening was Jane Richardson announcing the launch of a mystery quilt next
month, then Barb gave a quick lesson on paper piecing.
Respectfully submitted, Kim Pantor secretary
WHO IS THIS?: If you would kindly fill out this sheet and hand it or email it to Barb, it would be greatly appreciated!  Tell us about yourself…with a little paragraph or a listing of facts.  Please DO NOT show or share this information with anyone.  The following list is a few prompts for to get you started.  Feel free to add more!  
Born where
Lived in different places:
Do or did for a living:
Special talents:
Someone “famous” in your family tree?

Like what about quilting?

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