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November Newsletter and October Minu

Tree City Quilters’ Guild
The purpose of this organization shall be to create, stimulate, and maintain an interest in all matters pertaining to the making of quilts and to establish and promote educational endeavors through quilts
Meeting: November 10, 2014, 7:00 pm
                                      Parkview Church of Christ
1912 Burbank Road
Wooster, OH 44691
This month’s meeting will be demonstrating hand dyed and hand marbled fabrics.  The techniques will be demonstrated (with lucky volunteers from our guild) and also have goods for sale at the end of the program.  Be prepared just in case you would like to add to your stash!!
…will be brought to you by Cassie Anderson and Toni Phillips.  Thank you ladies, very much!  
October attendance; 46 people were at the meeting, 7 guests and 39 members.  Most of our guests were people that came to our show and wanted to attend our meeting!!
The TCQ Retreat samples generated a great deal of interest at our recent quilt show.  Brochures are available at the hospitality table.  Won’t you please consider joining fellow quilters for a fun filled, sewing-like-mad, learning and loving it weekend?!  Cost for members is $155; registration is now open both to members and non-members.  If you just can’t make the weekend, please consider joining everyone for the Saturday evening program….free and open to all of our membership.  Hope to see you there!   
The ongoing Hand- work group will meet on Friday, Nov. 7th, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:50 at the church, in the fireside room.  Our demo will be on hand made Christmas ornaments.  Each quilter is welcome to bring a handmade Christmas ornament and be ready to share "briefly" how you made it.  The demo will begin at 9:35 and should only last 20 minutes, so that we will all enjoy our hand working time and get lots accomplished for the holidays! 
A Jelly roll quilt class is coming up in November or early December, dates to be announced soon.
Twenty-three members filled out the survey form.  Between the 23 members there is 1,070 years of sewing experience, 542 years of quilting experience, 3 that call themselves a beginner, 11 that characterize themselves as moderately experienced, 6 are confident, 10 are experienced, 2 lack in confidence, 8 are adventuresome, 11 are traditional quilters and 4 are contemporary!!!  
What does all this mean?  Other than that TCQ is the best place to share and learn from each other and someone should be able to answer a question…..not sure other than to say the 2015 programs are going to be planned around this information!
It’s Time!!!  Sign up for a committee for 2015.  This is a great way to get to know other quilters in the guild.  The clip board will be at the Hospitality Table when you sign in at the November Meeting.  
The secret to successfully mixing many different prints is to noticeably vary the size and scale of the patterns that are placed next to each other. Whenever possible, place larger and smaller prints together, rather than positioning those of the same scale side by side. If you find that many of your prints are of a similar size, vary the value of the colors to achieve contrast and add further definition.
To easily organize patchwork sets or appliqué pieces, especially for travel or classes, try layering them between paper plates. Special notes or instructions can be written directly on each plate, and the plates can be stacked together to keep your work neat, compact, and easily portable.
If we are signing up for committees and thinking about next year….it is also time to pay your dues for 2015!  Jolene Rehm is our treasurer and will be collecting your dues payments anytime you wish to turn them in.  Please remember that dues must be paid by December 31 in order for you to be included in the 2015 membership booklet.  
Along with paying your next year’s dues, please check your name, address, phone numbers, etc. on the form that Jolene has with her.  Please make any changes and corrections.  This is what the membership booklet information will be based upon so please, check carefully!
Congratulations to our Viewer’s Choice ribbon recipients!!!
Lola Franks, Betty Hofstetter, Bonnie Krueger, Betty Boreman, Kim Panter, Agnes Steiner
Effie Troyer, Sarah Bistline, and Sue Smucker
1 cup sifted flour
½ cup quick cooking rolled oats
½ cup packed brown sugar
½ cup butter
Combine flour, rolled oats, ½ cup brown sugar & ½ cup butter in mixing bowl.  Mix until crumbly using electric mixer on low speed.  Press into ungreased 13 X 9 pan.  Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.
1 (1 lb) can pumpkin (2 cups)
1 (13 ½ oz) can evaporated milk
2 eggs, ¾ cup sugar, ½ tsp. salt
1 tsp. ground cinnamon ½ tsp. ground ginger, ¼ tsp. ground cloves
Combine pumpkin, evaporated milk, eggs, sugar, salt and spices in mixing bowl; beat well.  Pour into crust.  Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.  
½ cup chopped pecans, ½ cup packed brown sugar, 2 TBL. Butter
Combine pecans, brown sugar, and butter.  Sprinkle over pumpkin filling.  Return to oven and bake 15 or 20 minutes longer or until filling is set.  Cool in pan and cut into 2” squares.  Makes 2 dozen.  
2014 Christmas Party Challenge!
The challenge this year is “Tree”.  Make anything you like but it must include a tree in some way.  All challenge projects must be completed to enter. 
Quilting by the Mill, Sarah Bistline 10368 Old Mill Road, Spencer, Ohio 44275; 330-667-2257 or 330-606-6609.  You need to have your backing 4” longer and wider than your top.  Batting is available.  Do you want to quilt your own top?  Ask me about renting time on the Gamill Premier.  
Handcrafted by JR, Jim Rawdon; 840 Harrison Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44314.  Long arm quilting, machine embroidery.  See my site on face book “Quilting by JR” Call 330-472-0473 or email
Spoke N Stitch, Kim Panter 16780 Burkhart Road, Orrville, Ohio 44667.  I am willing to pick up and deliver in the Wayne/Holmes area. Phone number; 330 682 0711 (home) and 330 749 0474 (cell) I have my cell with me all the time. Please give me a call!
Tree City Quilters’ Guild; Officers 2014
President: Jeri Fickes  Vice President; Barb Byler
Secretary; Kim Panter             Treasurer; Jolene Rehm
Members at Large; Mary Green and Sally Kitchen
Tree City Quilters’ Guild Meeting 10/13/14 
Barb Byler opened the Meeting at 7:00 PM by asking our guests to introduce themselves. We had 6 guests. They were. Carrie Jameson, Candi Ehret, Carol Mullins, Karen Zemke, Mary Mahoney, and Kelly Jones. We hope that they come back and see us again! Kanetta Sampsill decided that we were OK and she came back this month and joined! 
Barb passed out our 2014 TCQ membership cards and said we could use them at Joann Fabric for 10% off our purchase. While she was walking around passing these out she asked us to please make sure we filled out the survey concerning programs conducted by the guild.   
Tonight we start preparing for TCQ 2015. Lots of things will be happening over the next two months to carry us over to the New Year. First was the survey mentioned above.  Next, dues collection has begun, please see Jolene and pay your dues. When you do that also check your contact information and make sure that it is correct as this is what will be in the new book coming out in January.  
Committee sign ups also have begun tonight. This is your guild and the activities are only as good as you make them! Don’t let the few do everything! Get involved! There is so much to do and it isn’t that hard.  
Elections are going to be held next month. The nominating committee is asking for your help for a good slate of officers. Please write down you suggestions for officers and give them to the nominating committee TONIGHT! ALSO think about who you would like to see be Quilter of the Year this year. 
Sunshine Committee.  It is with heavy heart that we hear that long time member Barb Nemeth passed away unexpectedly. A memorial service was held for her at Custer Glen Funeral Home Thursday 10/16 from 6-8PM. We also understand that her husband is in the hospital. A motion was made and carried to send a small plant to the family. Also a card is being circulated to sign. 
On a lighter note. Peggy Hodge’s grandson had his surgery and is doing well. He is at home and will be on medication until his heart mends. Her husband however remains in the hospital. 
 Programs and Workshops:  Sally is at Ripley so no report. Have fun Sally! 
 Quilt Show       Boutique Mary said that she really enjoyed running the boutique.      Nancy thanked everyone that helped out with the demos and we all agreed that it added a lot to our show.  VIEWER’S CHOICE! Here it is. What you have all been waiting for. Oh yeah, you already know.  With 57 votes the viewer’s choice was Lola Franks Falling Leaves!!!!!! 
Betty Hofstetter’s Flower Boxes took 2nd place with 44 votes. Betty Boreman and her Shadow of the Bearpaw was 3rd with 33 votes and Bonnie Krueger ’s Black and Gold Stars and Angels also 33 votes. Rounding out the top 10 were as follows: Kim Panter’s Seahawks 28,  Effie Troyer’s Garden Star 26, Agnes Steiner’s American Star 26, Sarah Bistline’s Hummingbird 21, Effiy Troyer’s Attic Window 20 and Sue Smucker’s Best of Show 19 
Next month’s speaker is going to dye fabric at the meeting. She is also going to have samples to sell. So don’t forget to bring you fabric allowance! Next we had our PHD show and tell, then regular show and tell.  
Now to the program: Our program tonight was presented by Sarah Bistline on Die cutting machines and how they can make our quilting lives sew much easier. She had some comparison handouts for us and brought lots of scrap material and let us try out the machines ourselves. They cut very accurately and quickly so that you can have your quilt cut out in no time at all. With Sarah’s program completed, we were dismissed for social time and refreshments and they WERE delicious! 

Respectfully submitted by, Kim Panter, Secretary

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