Friday, May 16, 2014

Quilt Show Categories

SEPTEMBER 26, 27 2014
All quilts and other items are to be delivered to the Buckeye Event Center on Wednesday, September 24 between 4 and 7 p.m.
Each entry must have an attached entry form
All entries must have been completed after the 2012 show.
All entries must be labeled.
All entries must be clean, free of smoke or odor, dirt and pet hair. 
Un-quilted entries will not be considered for “Best of Show” awards. 
The committee reserves the right to change an entry’s category if the need should arise. 
**All quilts must have a 4-inch sleeve attached in back for hanging.  Quilts longer than 90 inches must have the sleeve attached at the 90 inch area for hanging.  Irregularly shaped quilts and miniatures must have appropriate means for hanging.
Large Quilt: Quilts with a perimeter greater than 400 inches. 
Medium Quilt: Quilts with a perimeter of 300 to 400 inches. 
Small Quilt:  Quilts with a perimeter of 200 to 300 inches.
Wall Hanging:  Quilts with a perimeter of less than 200 inches
Pieced: Piecing predominates over other techniques in amount or effect.
Hand Quilted:  quilted by hand, please indicate if the person who made the top also quilted the quilt                        or if a different person did the hand quilting.
Appliqué: Appliqué predominates over other techniques in amount or effect.
Mixed: A quilt where a fairly even amount of multiple techniques, not including quilting and trapunto, is used to develop the design of the top.
Holiday: The main theme must reflect a recognizable holiday.
Scrap: Quilt top must contain at least 75 different fabrics; wrong side of fabric and quilt back do not         count in this number.
Pictorial: A quilt that represents a recognizable image of a person, place or thing; any size.
Art/Innovative Quilt: Your original design reflecting innovative construction and design techniques, theme or subject matter, and/or materials.  No commercial patterns or copies of previous works.  Quilts must be made of fabric, have three layers and contain quilting.  A quilt based on traditional patterns and design should be entered in another category.
Naturescape: Quilts that reflect the scenery found in nature, such as land, mountains, ocean, forest, gardens, and deserts.  Animals and humans may be included but should not be the focal point of the piece.
Baby Quilt:  Obviously made for a baby, small child, or nursery wall hanging
Group Quilt: A quilt that has more than two persons involved in its completion.  Involves all                                    techniques, as well as quilting by a person other than the makers of the top.
Miniature Quilt: Miniature, scaled down version of a large quilt design; maximum size 24” X 24” or 96” perimeter.
Garment: Wearable such as a jacket, vest, or whole ensemble, must have some quilting or patchwork
Accessories: Purses, Totes, Bags, notebook covers, etc.  Must have some quilting or patchwork.
Home Dec:  table runners, placemats, potholders, pillow shams, covers, etc. Must have some quilting or patchwork.
City Blues:  This project must be at least 50% blue (backing not included).  Maximum size is 200 inches perimeter.
Cityscape:  A city skyline, pictorial quilt, etc.  Size limit is 120 inches perimeter.
Pizza Box:  From the 2013 pizza box challenge, round robin quilts that started with 12 inch center medallion.  These will not be judged.  They are for display only.  Please, please enter your pizza box quilt for the show if possible.
Other: A quilt where one special technique is used to develop the design of the top such as whole cloth (with or without trapunto), surface design, tied/comforter (must be at least 300 inches perimeter), cathedral window, embroidered, etc. 
1.     Pieced Quilt – (machine pieced and quilted by the same person)
A.    Large: 400 or more inches perimeter                        
B.                Medium: 300 to 400 inches perimeter                                    
C.                Small: 200 to 300 inches perimeter                             
D.    Wall Hanging: smaller than 200 inches perimeter
2.     Pieced Quilt – (machine pieced by one person, quilted by a different person)
E.      Large: 400 or more inches perimeter                                   
F.      Medium: 300 to 400 inches perimeter                    
G.     Small:  200 to 300 inches perimeter                         
H.     Wall Hanging: smaller than 200 inches perimeter            
3.      Hand quilted Quilt  
I.        Large, Medium:   
J.        Small:                     
4.      Appliquéd Quilt
K.     Large           
L.      Small
5.       Appliquéd Quilt, quilted by a different person        
M.  Large             
N.    Small
6.     Mixed Technique
O.   Large           
P.                Medium       
Q.   Small
7.     Mixed Technique:  quilted by a different person
R.      Large             
S.      Medium     
T.      Small          
8.        Holiday Quilt
U.     Large, Medium    
V.     Small                      
9.        Holiday Quilt , quilted by different person
W.  Large, Medium      
X.      Small                      
10.                  Scrap Quilt pieced and quilted by the same person
Y.      Large, Medium    
Z.       Small                     
11.         Scrap quilt, quilted by a different person
AA.                    Large, Medium        
BB.                     Small                         
12.                  Pictorial, Naturescape, Art, or Innovative Quilt
13.                  Baby Quilt
14.        Group Quilt
15.        Miniature Quilt
16.        Garment
17.        Accessories
18.        Home Dec
19.                  City Blues Challenge
20.        Cityscape Challenge
21.        Pizza Box Challenge (not judged)
22.        Other
            Large, Medium, Small
The Quilt Show Committee reserves the right to combine / split / or change categories as needed.  Quilt information sheet must indicate who quilted the item.

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