Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Minutes of November Meeting

Tree City Quilters

November 14, 2011


Call to Order: President, Mabel Stoker called the meeting to order. Two visitors, Linda and Bonnie, and a new member, Sarah McKee were welcomed. Mabel thanked the refreshment committee, Marian Wellert, Tonya Wellert, Rose Marie Babb and Lou Ella Imhoff. Birthdays were recognized, and there were many of them.

Secretary’s Report: Vicky Hartzler made a correction on the people who were Quilter of the Year—Sally Kitchen was one, and Betty Boreman was not. This was corrected in the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Jane Richardson reported that there is a balance of $1,242.94. Many people did pay dues at the meeting, so this will increase by next month.

Old Business: Mabel gave a reminder that dues must be paid this month for people to be included in the membership booklet.

Donna Williams and Janice Miller conducted the election of officers. There was a selection, and the following won the positions: Members at large were Sara Bistline and Gwen Hoover; Secretary will be Janet McFarland; Treasurer will be Naomi Lance and Vice President will be Jim Rawdon

Cassie asked people to sign up for committees and the sheet was passed around.

Janet McFarland, Jeri Fickes and Nancy Danby conducted the Quilter of the Year election. The winner will be announced at the Christmas party.

New Business:

Mabel read a letter that she and Vicky Hartzler had prepared to send to the Fair Board regarding the displays at Buss Hall. Suggestions were obtained from the group and the decision was made to send it. Barb Byler suggested the letter be sent to each board member individually so it is sure to be seen by all. The Fair Board meets on the third Monday at 8am and in December and January, will meet at 1pm on Saturdays at the Red Cross building at the Fair grounds.

Quilters Give a Hoot is the name of the NEORQC get away weekend on Feb. 17, 18 and 19, 2012. The website to check it out is getaway@neorqc.com. It will be held at Quail Hollow.
Committee Reports:

Sally Kitchen discussed the Christmas party, which will be on 12/12/11 at 6pm at the church. Table service will be provided.

Sara Bistline said she would have a report on the Quilt Show committee next month.

Program: Carol Remington gave a lecture and demo on making floor quilts. Thank you so much for your time, Carol.

Show and Tell


Respectfully submitted,

Vicky Hartzler

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